Fishing is HOT

We had another great day on the ocean. Weather was beautiful. I can't believe it's December 1st, and I was wishing I had worn a T-shirt to go offshore. I'm sunburnt!
Fishing is hot! Got to the Hen and Chick about about noon and reeled in 19 stripers by 2:00. 2 hours! We were hopping. Had 4 on, 3 on, doubles. It was great! Lotta action.
Boated our limit of Stripers, 10, released 15, also picked up two blues. 27 fish in all. Looks like everyone will be getting smoked fish again this Christmas!
Oh, the Tuna are still running. You think of Tuna fishing and you think of the summer and fall, but they are still here. The boats that have gone have been cleaning up. I've heard numbers like 18, 12, and 11. Rick's talking about wanting to go. The boat's still in the water, why not? Anyone interested in doing a make-up trip?

She's always the first one to hop up. We have to watch her, 'cause she gets exited and pulls the rod out of the holder and starts cranking. When Striper fishing, we prefer to hold the rod for her. (It's like visualizing money going over the side.) But she puts all her 52lbs behind it. I'll say, "Paige, You want me to crank it?" "No!" she shoots back. End of conversation, according to her.

Paige at the helm. She's 8.

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This is without a doubt, Capt. Rick Speigel's daughter and Capt. Frank Speigel's grand-daughter. This kid loves fishing.
If you ask her, she says she prefers trout fishing. She always catches the most, the biggest, or the most usual. She caught a red drum in the Lewes canal. Her father or mother can't make that claim!

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