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Anglers - John Borchers, Grace Martin, Chris Martin, John Lee, Sean Lee
5 Yellowfin - 4 Dolphin - 1 Mako

Sean Lee with a 25 lb Tuna. Notice all that bait fish back along the horizon in the rippled water.

Grandfather and grandson. John Borchers and Chris Martin.

John Lee says "Show me the fish!"

Chris did a nice job cranking this one in. Thumbs Up!

John Borchers springs into action!

Half way there!

John winding up and Grace gets started.

Jack's taking Grace's Dolphin off as John Lee gets his Dolphin close to the boat. John's working up a sweat on that Tuna!

John's Tuna. Caught on the long shot gun. You're a tough man, John, we are quite impressed! That was a long haul you made.

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