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Bring something to take your fish home in

You only need the fish's measurements to have a mount made.

What to Expect

There are two types of fishing boats. Party boats and private charter boats. The Last $ Dollar is a private charter boat. Party boats are also called "Head Boats", because they charge by the head. You buy a ticket and you get on the boat. Party boats can carry up to 100 passengers. I guess that's where the "party" comes in. Herd Boat, might be more descriptive. Charter boats are designed for groups that want the boat exclusively for themselves. Most private boats are licensed for up to six passengers. We didn't pick that number, the Coast Guard did, and they are very stringent about it.

There are two types of fishing. Inshore, which is considered within 20 miles of the beach, and offshore, which is outside 20 miles. With inshore, you can expect to be fishing in about an hour of leaving the dock, with standard top/bottom rigs for fish such as flounder, sea trout, croakers, tau-tog and our favorite to eat, sea bass. Offshore trips take 2 to 4 hours to get you on the fishing spots,(depends on where you are going) and you will either, troll, chunk or chum for BIG fish. This catch will be mostly tuna, shark, dolphin, wahoo, white or blue marlin and the occasional sailfish.

To make your trip enjoyable, we suggest you bring a few things along. Soft sole shoes, deck shoes or sneakers are a must. Please, no black soled shoes! (They make a mess on the deck!) You'll need appropriate weather clothing, sunscreen, rain gear, sunglasses, and a hat. Some may want to consider motion sickness medicine. Others may want to take it easy on the partying the night before.

OCEAN CITY FISHING CENTER MARINA does provide a FISH CLEANING SERVICE! LAST YEAR, FISH CLEANERS CHARGED 30 CENTS A POUND (filet). OUR TOP TUNA CHARTER WEIGHED IN AT 745 LBS. and we had many CHARTERS OVER 500 POUNDS. So keep this expense in mind. You don't want to come up short at the fish table....(those fish cleaners carry sharp knives!) We suggest only keeping the amount of fish you plan to eat. This keeps your expenses down, and it's great for the fish!

Bring along a camera. We take along our digital, to take highlights of your trip, so we can build a complimentary webpage for your party. But alias, Capt. Rick is better at fishing than he is photography. So incase he doesn't get any good shots, or maybe he forgets the camera, bring yours along. We all don't want to be disappointed. At the end of the trip, he will give you a paper to fill out, asking your name, address, and how you can be identified in the pictures. Please fill this out completely! No, we're not members of the CIA or want to sell your info to some communist country. We need it to help us build your webpage, so we can give you credit, where credit is deserved. It also gives us contact information, incase, you should be one of our top anglers.
All tackle, bait, ice and chum are provided. We also provide coolers (although, you will need something to carry your fish home in). You can pack your lunch and drinks or you can order from Amanda's Catering and have your food waiting for you when you come aboard. What a plus! Families, children, first time anglers, as well as seasoned pros welcomed! The mate will be happy to offer advice if needed. (Captain Rick will probably give advice needed or not.) We sure hope you'll book your next trip with us. We'll do everything we can to make it memorable.

The Crew of the Last $ Dollar

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Sherri Sharp fishing for Tuna.



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