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photo courtesy Mike Orhelein Photography

The Fish Story
That's Captain Rick below with his 82lb Drum. He heard they were catching Drum up in the Delaware Bay, so he and a friend John decided to give it a try. He had a bunch of big lines out and decided at the last minute to use "Baby Doll", his favorite light rod and reel, figuring maybe he could pick up a trout (weakfish) with her. Well, ol' "Baby Doll" came through for him again. Low and behold, the rod bent down like it was struck by a freight train. "Whizzzzzzzzzzz!" she screamed. He had to think fast. They were on the hook, with a fleet of boats around, so he couldn't pull the anchor. Baby Doll was rigged with a 17lb test, and the current was running about 3kts. He knew he was in for a fight and a fight it was! It took 2 hours to get that big ol' Drum in the boat, but when he did the fleet around him cheered. It took us pert-near a week to get that smile off his face! Ahhhhh, another great day fishing!

Rick's Drum Fish

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Captain Rick Speigel

Captain Rick Speigel has never had a job on land. He was born into the business. His father, Captain Frank Speigel, started Rick out as a kid mating on his Miss Chris Marina Fleet in Cape May, NJ. Rick has held his license since 1981 and now holds a USCG Masters License. He has fished the Atlantic waters from Savannah, GA to New Foundland, the Grand Banks and the Flemish Cap.

Remember the scene in the "Perfect Storm", when the hook caught the guy and he went over the side? Rick was 500 miles off the Grand Banks. They were setting line out, and he noticed a hook foul. As it was about to go in the mate's leg, Rick tried to bat the hook away. It caught his glove and pulled him over the side. He fought and fought to free his hand. He began trying to decide whether he should die by taking in water or just calmly pass out. He says the water grew brillant green. He became uphoric. Suddenly, he found strength and began pulling himself hand over hand up the leader wire. He came to the top. Air!

This is the part in the movie that he says wasn't realistic.

There wasn't someone diving in the water to save him! Not only that, these boats can't just back up in reverse! (To do that, they would have to rerig something. He told me, but I can't remember) AND as if he hadn't been through enough,
now he still had to swim to the damn boat!
He said it was a chilling site when they were hauling the gear back and his glove came up, still on the hook.

If you have a problem with his comm background. Go hug a tree. Better yet, find another boat! He's earned my respect. He knows fishing. I think his years of commercial fishing and experience on the water gives him a unique edge. -pam

He has ran as Captain on vessels up to 100'.
If your are serious about catching, this is the man to put you on them. Be sure to read his "Big Fish Story" to your left.

Captain Rick Speigel
RT 3 Box 27A
Dagsboro, Delaware 19939