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Pep, Joe and Matt

Doug Mitchell, Matt Revel, Jack, Pep Workman, Tom Sonnier, Joe Wiley and Tim Sonnier. I hear you guys had a great time. Got your boat load of meat and had plenty of time to make it to happy hour. In a lot of books, that would qualify as an "excellent" day. I hear you'll be back in the fall. If you have any them to me and I'll put them up. -pam

Haaa-ha-ha! This one is for you, Matt!

Matt Revel, second from left, is single, has a nice town house (close to beach), another hot car, a great job and is making great money. He is looking to spend quality time with a beautiful babe for long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, nights beside a roaring fire and ....... weird monkey sex. Interviewing daily - 302-537-9301.

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