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This is one serious group of fisherman! Four of them are charter boat captains themselves. They also work for "The Fisherman" out of New Jersey. (Known as the "Fishing Bible" in our house.) They brought their own bait, lures, rods and reels! I could tell they were serious from the pictures. Notice the white boots. True sign of a real "fish head"!
Nice fish! Will look even better on a plate!

Here comes the rain!

And man, did it pour!

Look at that smile! What rain?

We'd like to thank Dave Dejoraro and his party of die-hards! Never thought I'd say it, but it looks like these guys from across the bay (NJ) are tough! Real pros. They caught some nice yellowfins. Although, the rain didn't cooperate, it was a pleasure to have these fishing masters onboard! We look forward to the next time! Tight lines and bent rods!

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