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It was a lucky 13!

Offering chunks to the fishing Gods.

Joe Pesci ...I mean ...Charlie Robinson is the man! He pulled in this nice 63 lb. Tuna.

Posted by Ed Barzcak (Tunaboy) in

Two days removed from the evil disaster and the murder of the innocent, after much discussion, we decided to go on the planned mixed party trip on the Last Dollar. Although we still felt very upset and angry we went with the idea that we should continue with our plans because this is America and we are still free. The trip was very good. Capt Rick and Mate Jack worked harder than any other I have seen. We put 13 yellow fin in the box, by 12:30, (lost 3, 16 hook ups!!!) and went home. We could have caught more, but there wasn't anymore room in the box. We had to hold the lid down when the last one was deposited (580 lbs total). We came home happy but somber with the knowledge of our nations' loss. Rick & Jack are excellent fishermen, and really nice people. We had both novice and experinced fishermen on board, and they made everyone welcome. I recommend them to all who want a good tuna experience.

God Bless America.

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