Ocean City Offshore Fishing Report
Report Submitted by: Capt. Rick Speigel of Last Dollar Charters

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Chunking the inshore lumps such as the Hot Dog and the Ham Bone has been hot this week. Yesterday, we caught four Yellowfin that averaged 45 pounds a piece. We also caught a 128 pound Bluefin that stretched the tape to 64 inches. Matt Donahue was on this fish for two hours and forty five minutes before he won the battle and boated this fish. We had another Bluefin that we released estimated at 90 to 100 pounds. The day before we boated six Yellowfin that weighed in at 268 pounds combined weight. We trolled the sausages during the Poor Girls Tournament and caught some Yellowfin Tuna. The King Mackeral are still thick at the Jack Spot and can easily be taken by trolling clark spoons behind #1 planers at a speed of around six and a half knots. 12 oz. inline sinkers work fine if you don't have the planers. If you do this , put a few Green Machines or Zukers out and you will have a good chance of picking up a tuna.
Date Submitted: August 22, 2000

Capt. Rick Speigel
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