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Bob Plictko is from Salisbury and a seasoned fisherman. He swam half-way across the English Channel, didn't think he could make it and swam back. Ha-Ha-Ha! He's a carpet man.
You can tell the wave conditions, by the horizon. Although, anybody that has been out in these kind of seas can tell you, pictures don't do the rock and roll justice.

These are big Bluefin Tuna. The average fight lasts about 40 minutes. A 2 1/2 hour battle was waged last year on a 127 pounder. The fish in these pictures are about 70 lbs. (Also lost one after a 40 minute fight on this trip.) The total for the two boated was 137 lbs. We returned to the dock a few hours early due to rough seas.

Good to see you guys again. We appreciate your business. As always it's a pleasure to have you aboard.

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