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Limited out on Bluefin. Everyone caught fish. Released the overs. Good action at the Parking Lot. Water 72 degrees. Chunked. (Can you tell when all I have are his daily notes? He's in bed early for tomorrow's trip. I'll have to come back in later and edit.)
Love how the anglers described themselves! LOL Doug Friesen - Fat belly w/beard. Nick Remesch - Tan Hat, Big Belly, Limp left arm, Tan shorts. Daniel R. Bartok (is that 2 people?) Spot shirt (son) has BREW-UHAT. (what the he[[ is that?) Daniel Naeyaert - dark blue shirt and #6 hat. Marty Pinson - dark hair Oakley Sunglasses, "Get Lou" T-shirt.
(Okay, I figured out who the last two are, it's after midnight, you do the math on the rest!)

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Looks like Jack caught himself a birthday girl! Happy Birthday to one of our favorite anglers Dani of the Porta Posse Fishing Team. She stopped by to say "hello!" We hope you had a wonderful birthday and many more to follow!

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