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Jay Roth and Drew Kashella of Glen Burnie, MD

Scott Morning (of Louisville, Ky) and Jay Roth hook up.

Three bent rods!

Great picture!
Work it, baby!

Scott and Drew

Jay with a long fin Albacore (notice the long fins, poor Jack looks a little long in the fin, too)

Andrew Kashella of Abingdon, MD. hooks up.
Jack dials Andrew in.......

View from the tuna tower.

The day started out pretty sloppy, but cleared off in the afternoon. They hooked up on 3 Long Fin Albacore and Drew, Scott and Jay got a Yellowfin each. The "old man" Andrew caught a half a tuna. With all that action going on, it's hard to capture pictures of fish swinging in the boat. That's a real shame, I hear they had a 4th tuna on wrapped by the tail and I would've loved to see the picture of that half a tuna! Come back and get that other half, Andrew!

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