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We had a rod and reel go over the side. Talk about bringing a party to a dead silence. Everyone was sick about it. I noticed Rick run up and write down the numbers. 20 minutes later, one of the outside rods starts bobbing up and down. "Fish On!" "No", said Capt. Rick, "that's my rod and reel." Damn if he wasn't right! Not only did he troll up the rod and reel, but it still had the $30 Umbrella rig with 9 Sassy shads and 3 nice stripers. That's why we call this picture of the
More like catch of the year!

Great trip! Great group of people! We hope to see you all again. Had a blast. You can tell you all have held a pole before...well..Pam Hetrick you are one hellofva trooper, anyway!

Jeez, what a fish story. The company was great. (I worked with Pam and Rico, and they have since moved on to bigger and better things. I miss Pam's laugh and Rico's grin. We have to stay in touch.) Thanks for introducing us to some great people. We should all do it again. And, I have to say, the Last $ has caught some nice fish, but catching that rod and reel back is the best fish story, ever. This was one of my most memorable fishing trips.

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