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Anglers - Danni, Elise and Pep

Elise came to us all the way from Brazil. She is by far, the angler that has travelled the farthest. We hope that she had a great time and has some nice fishing memories to take back to her native country.

Pep Workman is one of our favorite anglers to have aboard. We can always count on him to pull in fish. He made an inshore trip with us last year and pulled in the largest Black Sea Bass for the State of Maryland 2000. They also pulled in 30 citation size fish. That Sea Bass earned him a spot in our Shoot-Out Tournament, July 19th. Check out the link to "Pep & Rick's Great Sea Bass Adventure" on our homepage or on the Year 2000 Charter Webpage.


Danni alias "Porta Posse" transports horses for a living, hence the name. It is the best email address I've ever heard. She went Rock fishing with us last fall with her son and nephew. We were quite impressed with these young anglers. They ended up taking top prize in our Striper division and will be onboard for our Shoot-Out Tournament. We look forward to seeing them again.

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