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Anglers - Jim Shaffer, Steven Duryea, Ken Fitzpatrick, Jon Fitzpatrick, Umi Togasawa, Hidetoshi Togasawa

The lucky fishing machine. Not the truck, the driver. He was known as Marlin Man, after today, he's Mr. Marlin B. Tuna. (the B. stands for Bluefin)

Steve Duryea, Umi and Hidetoshi. Steve was given this make-up fishing trip as a gift from his wife, Tanya. It beats a tie anyday, right, Steve?

Marlin Man swings into action!

The fish got hung up under the boat and Jack had to wrap the line around his hand, cut the line off, tie the line back together, then reel it in.

Marlin Man changes into MR. Marlin B. Tuna!

This nice Bluefin weighed in at 77lbs.

Ken and Jon Fitzpatrick

Remember how the other fish ran under the boat? This one did the same, except the out come was different.

Steve, Jim, Hidetoshi and Umi. (I don't know where the Fitzpatricks ran off to.)

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