What's This?

This is the latest! In an effort to serve you better, you will see icons like the ones left, on some of our pages. If we are online, (checking our email or working on the website) the bottom box will say "Need help? Click for a real person". If you click on it, a box will come up on your screen and we will hear a telephone ring on our computer, letting us know, you'd like to talk! You type in you question or comment, then we respond. It's quick, easy and anonymous! We won't know who you are, but we can answer any questions you may have about our site. This is perfect if you are looking to charter for a certain date and wonder if we are booked that day or not. (If we are booked, then off to the next charter site, right? Saves valuable time on emails and money on long distance calls!) Maybe you'd like to find out how the fishing has been or who's in the running for this week's Angler of the Week. Whatever!

If the icon top left floats across your screen, that means, we are online and have extended an invitation to you to talk fishing. Nothing scarey. Click on the man to talk, or "close", if you are not interested. It's probably me, wondering if you can find the information you need or where you are from and how's the fishing there. (We do take vacations....fishing ones of course!) So ask away! Or click to talk. We think it's pretty cool!

Note: If we are offline, the box will say "leave a message". Then, we will need your email address to respond.

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